Some good info regarding the adult services thing

Some good info regarding the adult services thing


Jim Buckmaster, our CEO, links to Techdirt’s
Your Head on the Virtual Wall Department
” :

The grandstanding of some Attorneys General never ceases — even when
they created the “problem” they’re now grandstanding against. Case in
point: Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and his crusade
against Craigslist.

check out Jim, in the craigslist blog

and Misdirected
, like:

Speaking of which, if you can get past the gross inaccuracies and
apparent absence of fact-checking in Brad Stone’s NYTimes piece, there
are some interesting user comments there as well:

Citizens would be better served if law enforcement
stopped wasting our money fighting against the very laws they are paid
to enforce – the Communications Decency Act and the first amendment to
the Constitution – and went after the real criminals who are committing




@cnewmark, the goal here (at least for myself) is to be aware of the negative effects of capitalism that too often take priority over the hurt being caused in people's (specifically here, the hurt in lives due to trafficking [if any at all] through
If the facts are incorrect, where are they to be seen? Having been a previous craigslist supporter and avid fan, myself, it is mainly your response to this new knowledge that I am most concerned about. How can I support something that causes this kind of disruption and tragedy within our society? Surely, I could only do such a thing were I unable to empathize with the "other" whom I do not care about. For if I did see the other as valuable, I would pursue everything I could to plead for their well-being. Thus, I write to obtain the right facts in a day where truth can be too difficult to find amidst the constant media messaging.
Does my life make society a better place because we are in it? Or am I allowing material things take priority over people's lives and the hurt being the result for many others. For my response, I want to pursue goodness on behalf of others, as the voice when they cannot speak.
What do you desire? How are you taking a stance, through your influence with, on stopping any trafficking that is taking place?

Sanjay Maharaj

Instead of partnering with Craiglist and using this as an opportuntiy to go after these guys, what do they do, they try and shut this thing down.


Craig, I heard he AG of Connecticut on CNN and thought why are you complaining about CRAIG'S LIST instead of doing your job. If you have the ads, the creditcard information,etc. then go arrest people or leave them be, but this doesn't have anything to do with CRAIG's LIST…it is an AD…how are they supposed to know if massage is sex?
The police should determine that and they can start with the ad…seems like it makes their jobs easier not harder?!?!?

Skipp Porteous

Craigslist does much more good than harm. It's better that women discreetly advertise their services online than flaunting their wares on the streets. If the vice squad wants to nab hookers they know where do go.

Alice Schmidt

You are shooting the messenger. Stop the criminals – not the service they use to promote their illegal trade. Where did these people advertise their services before Craigslist, the streets? So we should we close all the streets down then? They use hotel rooms? Should we ban all hotels? Behind dumpsters in alleyways – no more dumpsters? Back seat of cars – eliminate automobiles? If Craigslist is brought down and they move to Twitter – should we shut down Twitter? Facebook? or whatever means they find? Why are you blaming capitalism and not the ROOT of the problem? It's not Capitalism that causes these people to sell their body. Prostitution and human trafficking has been around a LOT longer than Craigslist. I promise you, you shut down Craigslist – they'll find other means….


You can use the defense that these services will always be offered where ever there is a venue to publish. It's called advertising and it is at the very heart and root of our American capitalist economic model. Build it and they will come! This is starting to turn into a freedom of the press issue and while you do not report on anything, classified ads have traditionally been carried as an adjunct to traditional press outlets – newspapers, "coffehouse" papers (like Seattle Weekly), magazines, and now online. Local community websites promote their online classified sections and many of them have services sections that have undefined requirements as to what constitutes services. All that is happening here is that the advertising revenue that you enjoy now, will be re-directed should you decide to abandon offering advertising for services… fight them and you will prevail!


I find the failure to distinguish between slavery and adults who freely choose to provide sex services very troublesome. Paternalistic and puritanical laws that infringe on the freedom of consenting adults should be repealed, leaving law enforcement to focus its attention where it belongs, on protecting those who are being enslaved. I believe CL has done great things for the safety of sex workers. Like most advances, it comes with costs that must be ameliorated. If stairs were invented today, they would immediately be outlawed because they're so dangerous.


I agree that I accept CL has done abundant things for the assurance of sex workers.

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