regarding "Trust, Factchecking, and the News Media Landscape To Come"

regarding "Trust, Factchecking, and the News Media Landscape To Come"


Okay, over at Huffington Post, I just talked about the evolving network of trust thing, as it pertains to factchecking and the way media's changing.

Here's the gist:

Okay, you hear me talking "trust is the new black" and that power
and influence will shift dramatically to the people and groups with the
best reputations and largest networks
. The power and influence
landscape in 2020 will look very different from now.

I feel this applies to media, and that the media landscape at that
point will reflect those flows of power and influence. Among news
organizations, the successful survivors will be the ones that
build a culture of trust, largely by checking facts, and not tolerating

The good news is that we already see the first signs.

The piece is getting unexpected traction, at least, unexpected for me, and a lot of comments, which I'm still digesting. Here's my response to all that:

okay, folks, I've read everything, all appreciated! though I've probably missed something, always happens.

first, remember to be generous of spirit, not only is our country at risk, but in the immediate term, journalism jobs are at risk, and I'd like to suggest stuff that improves job prospects. I'm hoping one result of this will be fact checking as a real career option in journalism.

second, my biases include that I view things from the bottom up, which is what happens when you do customer service for fifteen years.

my current thinking is that my next step will be to encourage some more of the fact checking efforts, maybe go beyond that, to encourage people doing good work along these lines.

beyond that, would like to build networks of fact checking and news "curation". all I know how to do is suggest something that might be smart, and see what happens. "There's nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come." (Victor Hugo)

I'm hoping…



Maria Hartman

It is strange an idea (factchecking) that once defined journalistic integrity is now an idea whose time has come. It is true people will gravitate to the sources they find most truthful/reliable as long as truth is what they are after.

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