Facebook new social network stuff huge re networks of trust and media

Facebook new social network stuff huge re networks of trust and media


Social network mavens are saying that the new stuff is really huge for the
Net, and they're right.

The gist is stuff like you can click a big "like" button on someone's post,
maybe a news article or product review. That shows up on all your friends or
followers. When you do that, you're implicitly endorsing what's being said
and that the poster is trustworthy.

"like" is close to being "I endorse" or "I recommend" or "I trust".

(Yes, I'm over-simplifying.)

Should be pretty easy to compile what people, publications, and products are
liked, and that implies what's endorsed, recommended, and ultimately trusted.

This might have major political implications by 2012, maybe now.

Same thing for news media. What you "like" will carry some greater or
lesser weight in your network.

This does confer a lot of power to Facebook; they earn it by being effective
and well-intentioned. They consider the social effects of their actions, and
correct mistakes, pretty much "don't be evil." I feel that's true even if we
question individual actions.

However, things change, and in twenty years, or two hundred years, will
Facebook shareholders be benevolent?

That's why we need to consider what the competition should be, probably from
Google, and need exchange standards for "friend" networks, now.

Jeff Jarvis takes another perspective where a person has more control of their network in Bizarro Identity

Mike Arrington reflects on the power Facebook is assuming in The Age of Facebook.

Dare Obasanjo articulates the tech around this in a way that really works for me in Facebook’s Open Graph Protocol from a Web Developer’s Perspective.

Please reflect on a term from history class regarding separation of governance powers: checks and balances.



Guy Martin

I tend to agree with you here, but there are cases (I think of DoD commands or 'official' Gov Twitter accounts for example) where people use social media in a bit more of a 'broadcast' medium, and to follow the 'stream', but explicitly say 'following != endorsement'.
How would an algorithm take that into account in this case? Special flag? Something else?

Craig Newmark

Guy, thanks! and I dont know; my take is that hybrid systems will be needed, combining something algorithmic with crowdsourcing.
Does that make any sense?


It would be awesome to work this sort of endorsement into Craigslist so my posts there don't get randomly ghosted!

Guy Martin

Yup Craig,
I agree – a combination of algorithmic trust quotient combined with human input (maybe in the form of voting?).


It would be alarming to assignment this array of endorsement into Craigslist so my posts there don't get about ghosted!
good jobs Andrew

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