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Wikipedia is a big deal, so if I can help a little…

Image.img Okay, I'm more of a couch potato, but the work the Wikipedia does is important enough to rouse myself and stand up. Mostly, I'm interested in information quality and governance issues.

Why Wikipedia? Here's what I wrote for Newsweek:

  • Wikipedia is an accomplishment of major proportions. It’s become the “first draft of history”…
  • It’s also dramatic proof of the supreme effectiveness of collaboration:
    people work together on Wikipedia to build articles, often in
    collaboration across the world, and often over long periods of time.
    The style of collaboration is novel in that it balances expert work
    with that of talented citizens.
  • The trust issue illustrates a significant, but transient, challenge
    faced by the Wikipedia community. The work has only begun, however, and
    the problems will be addressed fairly quickly, on a historical scale.

Read the rest here.

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