Squirrel 5, craig 0

Squirrel 5, craig 0


SSquirrel keeps figuring out how to tear down the suet feeder, getting to the tasty contents within.

I'll figure something out…




I once squirrel-proofed a bird feeder… Think log-rolling:
I hung a wire between the house and a tree. In the middle, and far enough from anything a squirrel could jump from, I suspended the feeder. Then, to prevent the squirrel from running along the wire, I strung it through a pipe, so if the squirrel ran on it, it would spin and dump him off.
It seemed to work…


Teach him a lesson. Put something nasty tasting in it a few times until he gets the hint. Perhaps something doused with cayenne peppers (works for insects) or bitter melon. Unfortunately, you'll likely face this problem again and again. Squirrels are quick to learn where food can be found but do not seem to unlearn the locations of food. It is that same memory that led squirrels to pilfer through all strollers in Mountain View a few years back and attack nearby children. Those squirrels did not learn not to go into strollers and were eventually all executed as a result. :-(

Daniel Howard

You will not outsmart the squirrel. There's a reason they get to run around barefoot outside all day while you wear pants and sit in front of a box. The squirrels have figured out how to bend our species to their will, such that we will happily grow food and feed it to them.
The squirrels have already won.

Bruce Tomaso

Try putting a garbage-can lid halfway down the chain that the feeder is hanging from. The squirrels will climb down the chain but won't be able to get around the lid.
This works — IF the feeder is high enough off the ground and far enough from nearby branches so the squirrel can't take a flying leap and land on it.

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