Neighbors for Neighbors: neighborhood-centric social networks

Neighbors for Neighbors: neighborhood-centric social networks


Hey, these guys are about neighborhood level connection.

Neighbors for Neighbors operate neighborhood-centric community-generated social networks for each of Boston’s neighborhoods. They function as a springboard for action and provide tools for them to communicate and to organize around their common interests.

City personnel like Neighborhood Coordinators and BPD Captains and Community Service Officers interact with members and help them solve problems and connect them to city resources.

Check them out at

You can also check out the video of their launch.

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neighbors for neighbors is a great organizing platform in Boston. A great complimentary initiative is Press Pass TV, a non profit that works with youth to produce short video news segments about community issues and resources in Boston.
Awareness (PPTV) leads to Action (NfN) which leads to results.

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