Great Backyard Bird Count!

Great Backyard Bird Count!


Okay, just finished a very half-assed bird count, as my little part of the Great Backyard Bird Count:

<br /> Locality: 94117, San Francisco, San Francisco County, CA<br /> Observation Date: FEB 14, 2009<br /> Start Time: 2:00 PM<br /> Total Birding Time: 2 hours 30 minutes<br /> Number of Species: 9<br /> Checklist:<br /> Rock Pigeon &#8211; 1<br /> Steller&#039;s Jay &#8211; 1<br /> American Crow &#8211; 1<br /> Chestnut-backed Chickadee &#8211; 1<br /> Pygmy Nuthatch &#8211; 1<br /> Townsend&#039;s Warbler &#8211; 1<br /> California Towhee &#8211; 2<br /> Dark-eyed Junco &#8211; 5<br /> House Sparrow &#8211; 2<br />

… and now a scrub jay just showed up.



Mike Murphy

CN, holler if your travels bring you to Austin, TX during the spring, and I'll do my best to put you on a golden-cheeked warbler! Also on a black vulture with two chicks!


Good for you. Glad to see you out counting birds. I haven't had time to post much yet but I submitted 28 total checklists over the 4 days.


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