Getting government to listen to us; a new twist

Getting government to listen to us; a new twist


A neighbor of mine, Sunil Paul, pointed out something I didn't quite get before. Political staffers, like people who work for Senators and Representatives, make a lot of Congressional operations really work, and are charged with listening to their constituents, and doing something about it. I hear that staffers are under-appreciated and and under-paid.

On the other hand, right now they have to be so careful in response, it dramatically limits their ability to respond. In the current political environment, there are lots of people who deliberately misinterpret one's words.

Current thinking has involved large-scale discussion boards where politicians are required to listen and respond. This shares that responsibility with their staffers in an environment that could be safe.

There would be some way to verify that staffers, even if anonymous, are actual staffers, and that there's some large degree of confidence that stated constituents are really constituents.

(Hey, Sunil, did I get that right?)



Sunil Paul

Yes, you basically got it right. Its also important that staffers have the ability to be somewhat anonymous because their directive is to give credit to their boss. So, have to balance the two.


Truth be told, there is a way for people to appear anonymous, but maintain the ability to share their 'verified' identity information with those they care to, including the hosting website. So the participating public could be assured that staffers are in fact staffers. Similarly, constituents could be verfied by virtue of their main residence. Excuse the advertisement, but Trufina, Inc. largely does this today.

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