"What Would Google Do?"

"What Would Google Do?"


Jeff Jarvis's new book is What Would Google Do? and it's a very good examination of trends in media and business.

USA Today has a brief review:

Blogger/columnist Jeff Jarvis' treatise on how — and why — companies should think and act like Google brings to mind several trite words from the world of literary criticism: eye-opening, thought-provoking and enlightening.

There's something for everyone in What Would Google Do? For newbies still struggling to comprehend the Internet, Jarvis puts it in context. For floundering industries, Jarvis suggests reforms via Google's philosophy or strategies employed by entities such as Facebook and About.com. And for people and groups hoping to launch the next big Google, …: Make something useful, help people use it and then get out of the way.

(Too kind reference removed.)
I've read the book, at Jeff lives up to this, recommended!

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actually, not only that you didn't remove your words (they are dangling at the end of the quote with no apparent relationship with what's before them) but you brought more attention to them (and yourself) D.

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