Why it's called "craigslist"

Why it's called "craigslist"


Middle of 1995, my emailer's cc list broke down at around 240 addresses.

I was going to call it something like "sf-events", since the list was mostly events in San Francisco then.

A few people, primarily Anthony Batt, above, said that they already called it "Craig's List", signifying the beginning of a quirky, personal brand. They were right.

Anthony's also the co-founder of Buzznet.com, a family of music focused social networking sites.

Saw him for lunch today, here's his blog. He's right, I'm no spring chicken.




is it true what he has said regarding his contribution to craigslist? Was he "crucial in the development of and launch of Craigslist"? if so, why haven't you given him credit for it on the craigslist site (like you credited others that helped)? D.

Brian Dunbar

Middle of 1995, my emailer's cc list broke down at around 240 addresses.
Technical issue?
I wonder .. if it hadn't broken down and let you scale up to thousands of addresses … would there _be_ a Craig's List as we know it today?


it may well have been a better product but probably much less profitable (may have never really worked as a for profit).

heather gold

hi craig,
I remember when you changed the name briefly to listfoundation .
I was one of many people who asked you to return it to craigslist.
Knowing you were there always did and still does make the difference.

Chris Dowell

I wonder how many more people look at the classifieds on Craigslist than the newspaper classifieds? Craigslist has come a long way.


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