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McCain: getting troops home "not important"

To be fair, McCain was asked questions for which he had no scripted response.

check for yourself:

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3 Responses to McCain: getting troops home "not important"

wayne says:

UPDATE: that's not how the troops' families feel, and given his take on the new GI bill, well, there's a consistent attitude, and it's not positive.
American troops are stationed all over the world, if they're not dying in Iraq any longer then McCain is correct in his assessment, especially if they are protecting our national interests (oil security or otherwise)

Trixie says:

UPDATE: Trixie, I'm hoping that McCain will become again the straight talker he used to be. First step, is getting out of denial.
I am a Barack supporter, but feel that democracy is best served by straight talk, and to get there, McCain needs to free himself from the lobbyists feeding him scripts.
you know i recently started checking out your blog here and i have found a few really interesting things so … however… i don't get the whole McCain thing… at first i thought you might support him because your blog was so full of his name and face… but the stuff does not really show him in a positive light so i assume you don't support McCain… and it doesn't seem like you are really a Obama or hillery dude… just an anti McCain dude… i was wonder if it was your intention to come across that way…. i voting for the school teacher my self and everyone knows McCain is a nut job but people rarely pay attention to the details… if you are not for McCain do you really thing you want his mug dominating your blog??? if you are hehehe… well see you at the pearly gates after he starts WWlast…
much love

Trixie says:

Craig, thanks for writing back … very interesting tactic… i like it… and i agree with you on the straight talk… i also this McCain is at heart a good guy… not presidnet matterial but then not too many people are….
hope fully he and Obama will be able to work together like Newt and Clinton did… don't agree with his politics but Newt did alot for our country while in office that was very good… and gets very little credit… i can see McCain stepping into this type of position be cause i think he really does love this country and her people… thanks again for writing back… very creative way of looking at things you have
much love