Vote for Barack: here's your real change right here

Vote for Barack: here's your real change right here


Let's cut to the chase and get to one real big reason a vote for Obama's really a big deal. This is the short version, since I'm tired of hearing myself talk.

For a long, long time, Washington politics has been run by influence peddlers and predatory lobbyists. There are guys who want special privileges for their clients, like "no-bid contracts" and tax breaks. A few oil companies, military contractors, and phone companies have been real successful with this, and you pay the bill.

(Fairness says I gotta remind you that most lobbyists are just fine, they just look to get a break for their clients, and that's okay with me.)

There are two ways the good guys are fighting the predators. One is to make new rules to promote fairness, the other is to let you see how things work in Washington so you can see for yourself.

The new rules for fair play go under "ethics reform", and Congress has made a good start on this last year. Barack supports this wholeheartedly; Hillary, not so much. In fact, I was at an event recently where a noted Hillary surrogate openly disrepected ethics reform in a big way.

Another way to help fix things is get political stuff out where everyone can see it, and the fancy term for that is "transparency." That includes telling us stuff like how much money lobbyists contribute to what politicians and what they get in return. Barack's heavily behind that, it's a big part of his platform. Hillary's pretty much silent on this, maybe a little lip service.

So that's the deal. You want some "change" that's for real, this is it. Barrack is part of the team who wants to change politics by getting rid of a lot of the bad guys. Hillary, not so much.

I want things to get better. How about you?



Charlene Kull

I agree with you 100%. I am also so tired of hearing that Hillary has a stronghold on women seniors. Over 60 and female (and midwestern), I know I sure don't want to revert to the Clintons again. Obama truly is the most outstanding presidential candidate we have had since I have been voting. Independent, but a business woman tending toward the Republican platforms, I voted for Bill Clinton twice, only to be let down. Let's think outside the box and bring on real change. Let's support Obama.


I've been a registered Republican all my voting life. This year I've changed to Unaffiliated. I intend to vote for Obama tomorrow in the NC Democratic Primary.
It's not that I don't have reservations about Obama, but I have a great distrust of Hillary or should I say "Billary," and McCain is more of the same.
Looking back we've had Bush-Clinton-Clinton-Bush-Bush terms in the White House. I'm tired of politics the way they are…it's about damn time for a change!

Allan I. Kroll

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