Okay, just started twittering

Okay, just started twittering


As if sharing a room with Robert Scoble isn't frightening enough, he's persuaded me to sign up with Twitter as craignewmark

Not sure how active I can be, still doing lotsa customer service, that's how I earn a living, even while traveling.



DB Ferguson

I've just started twittering as well. (http://twitter.com/dbferguson) I find it a good place to throw out links that are interesting, but not quite blogworthy. Plus, it takes 1 minute to do a Twitter, vs 10-20 to post a blog post. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but I find I enjoy reading the twitters of others, even people I don't know well. And I enjoy posting the little things in my life, and seeing people comment on them right back. Plus Twitter has a mobile feature that should work great on your iPhone.
At any rate, I'm following you now. :)

Chris R

Twitter is alright..probably login once a day. I think the real reason people like twitter is that everyone is pissed off in life and they need a way to relieve their pain.

Tim Haines

Damn – sharing a room with Scoble must be super scary. Is he as noisy in real life as he is online?
Try MobileTwitter for your iphone.


Twitter, Fantastic. I've been lurking for a while and I feel you are an inspiration with your work. Twitter will make it so much easier to follow what is happening w/ onevoice.
Unfortunately, lack of time does not allow me to follow your blog as much as i'd like to – twitter will make it far easier. Good luck from London


Well done Craig. imho Twitter is so full of possibilities, it is hard to list all (without being paid to do their PR 😉 For example, I could follow in real time the entire Olympic torch SF drama from my ex-pat pad in London, thanks to on the spot tweets from activists on the ground.
People are using Twitter not just to promote their latest blog post, but for job listings, polls, and goofy games like colorwars2008. All good.

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