AT&T and Verizon caught doing untrustworthy stuff

AT&T and Verizon caught doing untrustworthy stuff


The vast majority of people working at AT&T and Verizon work really hard to do the right thing, but their management seems to have problems with that.

We work with a lot of cops, and they feel that no American is above the law. They resent people who claim to fight terrorism in a way that helps promote terrorism.

In particular, it's hard to sympathize with telecomm management who forgot their civics lessons, and who rolled over when bad guys in power asked them to break the law.

Fortunate, we have genuinely patriotic groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation who are fighting for American values. They need more grassroots support and membership. Check out Stop the Spying. For more, check out their take on the issue, including a pertinent link to reporting by Newsweek.

Remember, the people at the telecoms aren't happy with the (lack of?) trustworthiness of their management. In developing situations:




Greetings. Hope this blog entry finds you doing well and in good spirits. I am writing this to both share a story and ask for help with an initiative here in our school district. First the story.
A friend of mine told me a story a couple of months ago about how he was at our local COSTCO store and upon finishing his shopping he decided to grab a slice of pizza. Seats were scarce in the eating area and he noticed an older woman who had a seat available at her table so he approached her and asked if he could sit and share the table. She obliged. The way the story goes is that the woman had purchased a computer and had asked my friend if he were familiar with computers in that she had some questions. The two talked and at some point the woman indicated that if she were having difficulties with the computer set up at home she could always call and ask her son Craig. The woman asked my friend if had heard of craigslist? He responded “Of Course!!” She said “Meet Craig’s Mom” She then went on to tell him that you had attended Morristown High School and such. They exchanged pleasantries and parted ways.
Next, earlier this summer while watching late night TV and flicking around the channels I tuned into Charlie Rose. You never know who might end up in his studio that has something interesting to say. Sure enough, there you were and in fact had something interesting to say. Particularly, I found interesting that you still spend time involved in customer service, something I weirdly enough like providing as well, and although I work in Corporate IT. I often joke with my friends that I am nothing more than a glorified Concierge. Anyhow, that a different story. Also, I found your conversation about not knowing the value of craigslist both refreshing and fascinating and it struck me as an enlightened approach to running a businessservice. Honestly though my favorite part of the conversation, and I took this part of the discussion at face value and have no reason to believe it not true based on the tone in which it was presented, centered on your contribution to a new school being built in the Mideast (can’t remember if it was IsraelLebanon etc) and how you had donated the “LATRINE”!! BRILLIANT!!! I have a degree in Political Science and have been a student of the Arab/Israeli conflict for over 25 years and this was such a simple way of uniting peoples that I was in awe of its simplicity. A LATRINE  Common equalizer if I ever saw one. Sure enough next day I wikipedia you and see that you went to Morristown High School and the COSTCO story came back to my minds eye. I live in Morris Township and one day my three kid’s 11 year old twins (boy/girl) and 8 year old son will walk the same hallowed halls of Morristown High School as you did. I have been talking up your attendance at the school all over town. People are so pleasantly surprised to learn of local boy doing well. Anyhow, I feel I’m rambling on and don’t want to take much of your time so I’ll cut to the chase. See a mailing my wife has put together that is being sent to all families that have children in the Frelinghuysen Middle School which serves Morristown and Morris Township children. (Included Below) If there is a charitable division of craigslist that would consider assisting in the effort to obtain PC’s for the school we would certainly appreciate any help that could be provided. Thanks in advance for your time and attention and consideration to the related effort we are engaged in.
Frelinghuysen Home and School Association
West Hanover Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07960
October , 2007
Dear Parents,
One of the Home and School Association’s main purposes has always been to provide financial support for programs that enhance your student’s education, as well as to promote support between our parents and guardians and the school’s staff and administration.
This year the staff and administration would like us to support the funding for 30 new computers. The cost for this technology upgrade is approximately $33,000. At our last Home & School Association meeting, we voted to purchase $11,000 worth of these computers out of our 2007/2008 budget.
We want to be able to fulfill this major need of our school. The computers that are purchased will be used by many of our students. By placing them in the 7th grade language arts classrooms they can be utilized by all levels of learners for everything from basic word processing to developing their own power point presentations. In this day and age, these skills are essential.
More importantly, these computers will support the Read 180 program. This computer based program is having a huge impact on the reading and learning of those that are currently using the software. It is designed to train children to read more fluently and comprehend more deeply in a way that captures their interest. Students and teachers using the software are excited about the growth students are showing in just a short time.
The Read 180 program is one aspect of Frelinghuysen’s school-wide literacy initiative at work in the 6th grade, and it is the goal of the Home and School Association to support the school in its drive to expand the program to the 7th and 8th grades as well.
This is where you come in! We are appealing to you to help us raise an additional $20,000+ so that every child who could benefit from additional technology in the classroom which includes the Read 180 program is assured the opportunity!
Whatever we can provide will help students achieve their highest potential, and that certainly is what all parents want for their children.
Please consider making any donation you can to the Technology Fund sponsored by the Frelinghuysen Home and School Association. Your dollars will go directly towards the purchase of these computers. Never before have we been able to provide something that is so needed and is so effective in directly raising student achievement. Please make out your check to the FMS HSA in an envelope designated for the Technology Fund.
Thank you for your support of this important project.
Mary Dunn & Debi Goldberg, Co-Presidents, FMS HSA


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