Update re "running printing presses"

Update re "running printing presses"


I really do think people who run printing presses, in the literal sense, will need a hand as the use of paper is minimized.

Many will lose those jobs, and I'm concerned, so I spoke with some of the newspaper publishers I addressed.  They say that the older printers will normally be retired, and the younger ones, well, they're getting retraining in related, stabler fields.  For example, some are being retrained in computer graphics, so they can build display ads, etc.

No one knows how completely this is done, but I'd sure like to see more.

fyi, a few reports took my statement that "people running press are screwed" in some figurative way, not straight, and I don't get that, but I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed.

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I recently spoke with a CEO of a multi metro local newspaper and radio group.Unreal how they are still playing ostrich and seeing the web as second fiddle to the papers.I asked about shrinking newshole and staff and as you said the concensus was that the old crew retire and the presses will be used for printing coupons and inserts.Hardly a bright nor lucrative future in my opinion. I asked whether they retrained staff to learn the web technologies and look for revenue opportunities. The thought was no we can use Google to do that for us. My concern is that these smaller publishers really understand little about driving web traffic and revenue and the mighty Google is seen as a panacea to solving all their issues. How can this industry evolve?

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